Training With James:

I understand that every client is different, and that your goals may vary from losing weight, to gaining muscle, to just improving quality of life. Whether you are looking for someone to push you in the gym, or hold you accountable for the things you do outside of the gym then I am here to help. I see myself as not just a personal trainer, but a lifestyle coach. I will aim to assist you with your nutrition, daily activity habits, supplementation protocols, and any other areas I can, to help you reach your goals. My degree in strength and conditioning, and experience working within sport means that you will get an experience based on science, and proven training methods that work. There will be no ‘jumping in at the deep end’, all my training is progressive, and periodised. This means that there will be clear, and concise progressions within your training, which mean that whilst you will feel challenged, you will also feel comfortable, and confident.


Blocks of sessions:
One off session: £40
Block of 10 sessions (Can be used at any time): £350
Block of 20 sessions (Can be used at any time): £600

Monthly packages:
One month (1x a week): £34 p/w
One month (2x a week): £65 p/w

Two months (1x a week): £32 p/w
Two months (2x a week): £60 p/w

Three months (1x a week): £30 p/w
Three months (2x a week): £55 p/w

For further information please contact James on:

Tel: 07880 317951