The Lifestyle Studios combines elements of High – intensity Interval Training, Punchbox, Spin & Weights orientated sessions. Our classes vary from 30 minute sessions to 45 and with 1 session per week our Power hour.

Our training sessions are aimed at getting YOU RESULTS – be it better health & well-being or a total body transformation by blasting fat and building lean muscle.

Our classes are motivating, innovative and forever evolving and most of all we make them fun.

The aim of our classes is to challenge you week on week, and you will never do the same workout as we like to keep it creative and modify every session to keep you guessing.

We work together as a team and we make you feel welcome from day 1.

Combine your awesome workouts with one of our Online Nutrition plans to achieve top results YOUR LIFESTYLE YOUR TRANSFORMATION.

Check out our Plans here: LIFESTYLE FITNESS KITCHEN

Punchbox With Barbells

Combining our Punchbox machine which is great for delivering accelerated fat burning & hormonal benefits that enhance health & wellbeing. Add into that barbells to tone and strengthen your body using all major muscle groups.

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MPT Conditioning

Get Stronger & Sculpt with our Max Power Transformation Session. 45 Minutes – These sessions are designed to increase strength, Fitness & Conditioning, improve posture & Functional Strength & Change body Composition.

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Lifestyle Body Blast

Burn maximum calories / fat in minimal time with our 30 minute full body high intensity Interval Training Workout. Mixing cardio & strength giving you the ultimate full body workout. HIIT Lifestyle Body Weight Blast.

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Rise & Shine Bootcamp

Our 35 minute Bootcamp class will incorporate conditioning and traditional bootcamp-style exercises. Our Bootcamp classes are suited to all fitness levels – from the unfit to the athlete. Fat burning and strength building interval training that is always varied will make sure you’re never bored, always challenged and moving towards your goals in a supportive […]

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MMA Conditioning Circuit

A 45 minute workout employing speed, power and agility. Teaching you how to strike move and stay balanced whilst under the pressure of boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Style Conditioning. We will use specific exercises that will strengthen key muscles groups for speed and power. This is a fun conditioning class non contact using a […]

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These workouts deliver accelerated fat -burning and Hormonal benefits that enhance health and wellbeing. A mixture of PunchBox, weights, squats lunges etc.. A PUNCHBOXFIT workout works more muscle tissue,keeping the calories burning for hours longer than a traditional boxing workout. If you want big results, super fast, then you need to try our high intensity […]

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